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Magu Hemp - An Eastern Approach To Hemp Health

Based in Ancient Tradition and Scientific Advances in the Understanding Of The Human Endo-Cannabinoid System!

  • In the 28th century BC, the Chinese emperor Shennong, whose name means literally “The Divine Farmer” is believed to have invented the plow, turned a nomadic culture of goat herders into farmers and builders, and classified most of the useful dietary and medicinal plants in China into what became the Shennong bencaojing (Divine Husbandsman’s Classic of Medicine). This knowledge became the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

  • Hemp, or “Da Ma” is one of the Fifty Fundamental Herbs of TCM. Located in Chatham County NC, Magu Hemp is dedicated to raising and extracting hemp according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM). For years we have used TCM on our farms as a guide for diagnosing and preventing plant disease and maintaining soil health.

  • We founded Magu Hemp to research and apply TCM to the growth, production and extraction of high cannabinoid industrial hemp. We make this extract available to our clients in the tinctures, salves and vapes, all carefully formulated and balanced according to TCM principles, containing less than .3% THC.

Who Is Magu?

Ning Lebowitz - Working from transplant to harvest
  • Magu, the mythical Chinese Goddess of Longevity is known as the “Caretaker of Hemp” in the Taoist discipline.

  • The Chinese letters Ma-Gu translate literally as Hemp Maiden. Magu is phoenetically similar to the Old Persian word Magus or Magis meaning “magician or learned one”.

  • Usually depicted holding a Lotus flower, a bowl of peaches or hemp leaves, Magu has the eternal appearance of a beautiful 18 year-old girl. Before becoming an Immortal, she freed the slaves who worked for her evil father.

  • The Emperor Hui Zong bestowed upon Magu the title of ‘Immortal Xu Miao (Infinite Harmony).

During our first year of hemp production Ning Lebowitz, wife of MHAGCO LLC partner Hal Lebowitz worked in the field from transplant to harvest. Some of the apprentices who had been reading up on hemp history honored Ning with the moniker of “Mrs. Magu”. The apropos was inescapable and we became - Magu Hemp.

Magu Hemp is a division of Magu Holistic Agricultural Consortium LLC, (MHAGCO). Devoted to researching and developing crops and markets that will preserve the Small Family Integrated Farming Culture of the Southeast Piedmont, MHAGCO is the brainchild of longtime organic growers Sun Butler and Hal Lebowitz.


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